Delete File or Folder via "Send to" How?


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How can I setup the right-click "Send to" Eraser shortcut to delete a file or folder using the default erasure method?

I created a shortcut in shell:sendto but when I sent a file to the Eraser shortcut i get the unknown action command prompt pop-up. I suppose I am missing some parameters on the shortcut?

I read help and searched google but could not find an answer, Some help please.

Eraser v6.0.9
WIndows 7 Pro X64
You can get details of the command line interface by entering 'eraser help' in a run box. The CLI is both rather complex and subject to change.

These 'eraser help' parameters indeed looks like something out of a Hell Raiser movie. I actually saw these exact parameters posted in a Sandboxie forum earlier today, and I was really hoping that it wasn't the solution lol.

I think I will lay this issue to rest, and hope future eraser releases will offer the "Send to" delete option. Thanks for responding to my question so quickly,

Have a good day.
I'm more curious about the less obvious (probably, since I wrote most of the stuff in there), but what does Send To address that the context menu extension does not provide?