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Hello all,

I've got a Portable version of Eraser set up and compiled for Win32, you can find that here: Extract it and run Eraser.exe, settings will be stored in an INI file in the same directory.

EraserL.exe has been compiled in this release (that's the major step forward.) The other change that has been fixed is the creation of the "Eraser Task Document" New context menu entry. I finally saw it myself and fixed it (it was lurking in the MFC code; grr, I hate MFC with a passion :p)

Usual hashes:
MD5: 42739f56fc81a4f30e4cbc1241a971be
SHA-1: 4fae9779f93b366257f27319011c23bb5f2e8b12
SHA-256: 62ae7f1a140da17f21edaa7ab50b5bfff8b22fe8a2bc085d8a8907584816c42f
WHIRLPOOL: f113664080f2299003d7bedddf79314a4ddf6555bc3dc82c67874aa8a178ebaeb8b6511914bf09eefa32df618b6ff8af75f09d32fa7b1a20dcb9160ab38d7fa9

On another note, I'd like to just say that though I don't seem to be as active as November-December last year I AM still on the project just that I've got academic commitments to fulfill before I am able to do stuff here! So be patient. Eraser 6 is coming on quite well (majority of v5 features have been ported) so the project is not dead!

I'm not sure how to version it, lol. The version number fields don't allow "beta" to appear in the version anywhere...

Hi Joel !!! :lol:

Still bashing away with Eraser are you !!!!

I am glad you hung in here and I am really looking forward to V6.

I wish you well with your studies. :wink:
Ditto to the above.

Re: version numbers, I went with 5.87.2 for my download, so I figure that should do. Or if you need a 4 section version number (a la NSIS or AutoIt). Either way keep up the good work, and thanks again for a static version for us devs!!
Seems to work great, BUT, it still when you right click on a URL, you still don't get 'Erase' in the context menu. Why are URL's an exception, and can the DLL be modified to include URL's ? Thanks ! ! !
Just noticed one more thing... Column sizes still don't 'stick' in the latest beta. Would be a super nice improvement to store windows size and column widths in the INI file. Thanks for listening !
@gbjennings: I'll look at it when I've got more time on my hands.

Whenever I use eraserl.exe it adds the following registry key:

HKCU\Software\Heidi Computers Ltd

Is this going to be fixed as well to make this stealth? Currently, I have to have a batch file that executes the following commands:

..\util\eraserl -recycled -method "DoD" -resultsonerror
%SystemRoot%\system32\reg.exe delete "HKCU\Software\Heidi Computers Ltd" /f

It'd be nice to finally get rid of the registry part...
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Heidi Computers Ltd" is still being created whenever you do an erase of a file or folder via the context menu. The Binary Value entered is "ResultsErasext" Would be GREAT if we could get rid of this. ;-)
Sorry I was away for a while, working on my exams. I have about a day or so to use for Eraser now.

Crumbles you can just re-open the ticket and post a message about it. It's easier to combine all posts together on Trac (which is for bugs.) I'm on it now.

n8chavez: This portable version will not allow you to use the context menu. This is a portable version; it will not install the context menu handler.

Ok Crumbles I've really found the problem and its fixed, for real. I may be releasing a new beta tomorrow. See how it goes.

THANK YOU, Joel ! Looking forward to it ! ! ! Any chance you could also get Eraser to work on *.url file types ? Eraser in the context menu totally ignores URLs. Thanks again ! !
Well unfortunately I've hit a brick wall on that one. Go to Trac to monitor progress, please.

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