Eraser Appears to Have Used Space


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I used Eraser to wipe unused space on a harddrive of which there was about 30gb of free space left however after completing the task the harddrive has virtually no free space
The task probably did not complete correctly, and the erasing files were not deleted. The FAQ topic "Getting to know Eraser 6" (among others) tells you how to find and delete these files.

i have looked at The FAQ topic Getting to know Eraser 6 and I can't find the section on how to find and delete the files
I beg your pardon. It is towards the end of the "Common Eraser Questions" topic, and has a longish quote in italics.

Which drive were you erasing? Normally, there is a single randomly named folder in the root of that drive; it will have a time stamp of when you did the erase. Just delete it.