Eraser creates a lot of big files during unused space erasure


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I triggered an unused space clean yesterday and noticed that there's a new folder named 4x8NmCn!UQgiKR1C+] with a lot of files having the same size 216MB, all having names with seemingly random characters. Not sure if this is normal and will they be deleted after the clean completes. The folder is around 300GB big now and I have 1.5TB free left so hopefully it won't eat up the whole thing or something.

Also, how long will it take for a clean to finish? I started the job roughly 24 hours ago but it looks like it's only 20% done. It's a 5TB 5400 HDD.

Edit: It finished in around 40 hours, the folder went away on its own.
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Such a big disk will take a very long time, use the single pass erase if its a modern drive.