Eraser not removing url's


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Im currently using the latest stable eraser 5.8.7, yesterday I did a "erase unused space" option on my 1tb drive in windows vista 64, it took half a day to complete and I used 1 pass pseudorandom data and all boxes below it ticked to overwrite, once complete I ran a program called "disk investigator" and searched for some websites I visted a few weeks back and it found the links and also the fav icon.

Now after browsing I always use cccleaner to clear my browers history cache(opera) etc using DOD 3 passes option, that then I assume goes into unacollected sectors which then eraser should wipe?. even still cccleaner should overwrite them files before eraser?.

I dont have any backup programs running, windows restore is off and cant think of anything that would store them. I cant recover any files it just seems to be url's that should have long gone by now.

Sorry another to add:

I enabled show hidden files and went into appdata opera and the icon file cahce, there I found hundreds of undeleted icons attached to what site they came from dating back since I had ever used opera browser, I think this is what is being picked up :!: , now you would think cccleaner would wipe these but it doesn't.
Yep, that would explain it.