Eraser possibly causing BIOS errors


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I used Eraser yesterday on two of my Laptops. One running XP Pro and one running XP Home. Both are Emachines. Immediatly after running Eraser to overwite unused disc space I rebooted and recieved the following Windows error "This Machine has just recovered from a major error" at which time I reported it. Reporting took longer than usual like it was downloading something and sending it. After rebooting I recieved another error, this time it was "The current BIOS does not match the processor in this machine" with a bunch of reasons. After sending the error report I was directed to MS Bios ID software page. None of this occured until after running Eraser and I mean immediatly on both machines (WHich I was running simultaneously).
Eraser cannot damage the BIOS. Besides, if the BIOS was actually corrupted, the computer most likely wouldn't boot at all. Instead, it seems that Eraser has triggered one of Microsoft's copy protection schemes, which now thinks you are trying to use the operating system on another computer, thus violating the license agreement.

Anyway, I suggest you contact Microsoft to resolve the issue (remember to thank them for protecting your rights) and not erase the unused disk space on these machines again. If anyone who currently uses Windows knows what causes the problem, don't be afraid to post. Maybe there are some more files Windows doesn't want anyone to touch?