error while executing .net framework installer

Which version? Eraser needs .NET 3.5. If you have that, and the Erasre installer is not finding it, there is an issue with the .NET installation. You may need to download .NET and explicitly uninstall and reinstall it; if there is no uninstall entry, install and then immediately uninstall it.

i had 2.0 then i downloaded 4.0 net and then my computer all blocked so i have fear to install that net framework i dont know what is it and how it works and what can i do with that ,is there possibility to use eraser without that :shock: :shock:
First, the answer to your 'what is it?' question. Very few programs are built these days completely from scratch; they almost all use pre-built libraries of routines associated with the programming languages in which they are written. In the old days, when such libraries were relatively small, they were specific to the program and usually installed as part of it. These days, programs often use pre-installed libraries. .NET is Microsoft's current, and most comprehensive, offering of this kind. It serves a number of the Microsoft languages, and comes installed as part of the more recent versions of Windows.

.NET can be problematic if it is wrongly updated. In my experience, once you get problems it is better to uninstall the whole thing and reinstall. If it comes as part of the OS, there will be no installation entry, so you have to install then uninstall it from a download, then reinstall.

I would expect Eraser to work perfectly well under .NET 4, which is supposed to be compatible with programs written for earlier versions. But .NET 4 tends to need the latest Service Pack for each Windows version (e.g. SP3 for XP). And, as I said, installing on top of a version with problems can be tricky.

I would now uninstall .NET versions 2 and 4, and download and install 3.5; even though it is not the latest version, it seems to be the one that is most widely used.

Since I wrote the last post, Joel has reminded me:

joel said:
Actually .NET 4 is binary and API incompatible with .NET 2, which is compatible with .NET 3 and .NET 3.5 ... However, .NET 4 and .NET 2 and the derivatives are supposed to be able to coexist on the same computer, so one computer can have, say, .NET 3.5 and .NET 4 installed at the same time (mine does).

That is a useful correction of what I said, but, as it happens, my advice remains the same. If, as I suspected, the issue in this case is some sort of faulty install, it needs to be cleared away and replaced. If the problem is that .NET 3.5 was never installed, then just installing it may be the answer; though that begs the question as to why the Eraser installer did not do that automatically. Either way, if Eraser works with .NET 3.5 (which ought also to be compatible with any applications that need .NET 2.0), .NET 4.0 can then be installed if needed.

Essentially, follow the first advice. Uninstall all 3 versions. Then, if you can, run a registry cleaner to remove any spurious entries it finds. Run Windows Update to make sure your OS is fully patched. Then reinstall version 3.5 only, and try installing Eraser. If you still get errors, make sure that Eraser doesn't actually run, and tell us what error message you get when you try.

The trouble with .NET is that, when it plays badly, it can be a real pain to debug, because, in a way, it is actually part of the Windows Operating System. What I am trying to do is reduce the range of possibilities, to give us a clue as to what is actually happening with your system.

first problem how to remove service pack of net frame 2.0 and 3.0 it wont to uninstall,it says it can damage some programs something like this,i cant remove it with cc cleaner :?: :?:
You won't 'damage' programs. What will happen is that any programs that depend on .NET will not run while it is uninstalled, but as you are going to install .NET 3.5 immediately, that will not be a problem. This is a classic case where dumbing down an information message to make it more user friendly actually has the opposite effect.

You can use the CCleaner uninstall tool or uninstall through the Windows Control Panel in the normal way. Both will do the same thing. When you have completed the uninstall, use the CCleaner registry checker, and fix any problems it finds.

i cant uninstall over control panel or over cleaner i get that message so that is my first problem,3.5 is already installed
I think we've done our best with the limited information you've given us. Please tell us what versions of Eraser and Windows you are using, describe, step by step, the sequence of events, and give us any error message or odd response in full. What little we do know suggests that the issue is not in the Eraser code as such, nor, probably, in the configuration of the install file, but either in your .NET installation or possibly in the Windows installer.