folders don't erase


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I have had no problems deleting files unless they contain symbol characters: ( or [ or similar. However, folders do not erase at all. :? When eraser jobs complete, I am left with empty folders, sometimes many levels deep (depending on the complexity of the erase task.

I cannot find any similar posts, and I cannot find any settings that would tell eraser to ignore folders. Has anyone else observed this behavior? Is it perhaps a permissions issue in Windows 7? (Windows 7 64-bit on Lenovo ThinkPad)
This seems like a permissions error - can you run as administrator? also check the owndership on the directories.

Another option is to give the directory tree 'everyone' and "full control" access before trying to erase.
To resurrect this:

I am seeing this issue too. I am logged in as administrator (I'm the only user on this Win 7 64 machine and everything is done under the administrator account). I have set 'everyone' to have "full control" of the empty directory I'm trying to erase but this has no impact on this issue. The Eraser log says 'the file C:\Blah\xyz is currently in use and cannot be removed.

Files within directories are removed but the directories linger on. It does cause me to doubt whether the files which have been removed have indeed been removed securely, there's nothing in the logs confirming an effective erase.