HDD lost interrupt and no monitor


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I just downloaded the latest version of Eraser. I presume DBAN 1.0.7 was included with it, but am not sure. DBAN media is a floppy disk. Computer is a Micron PC from 1997. Had problems with "autonuke," so I used "verbose" as suggested in other postings in this forum. Things seemed to be proceeding, then I accidentally turned off the monitor. When I tried to turn the monitor back on, it was just a black screen, so I can't tell what is happening.

1. HDD lost interrupt -- Right before I turned off the monitor, the screen kept repeating this message in a long list. Did something go wrong or is it supposed to do this?

2. Time -- How long should I let the computer keep running? HD is 40GB or less but it is an old computer. Other posts on the forum indicated times could range from 4-50+ hours depending on number of runs, type of computer, etc. I have no idea how many runs are triggered with "verbose."

Any tips for a not-so-computer-savvy person would be most appreciated!
If you are concerned, you can always reboot the computer and start again. Not sure why the video signal isn't coming through. You can set it to just one pass, but the default is 3 passes using Department of Defense short method.

I've not used verbose, so I'm not sure if that is an odd message or normal. It is conceivable that your drive is dying.

As far as time, large drives can take a long time. I usually stick to just one pass of pseudorandom data, since all my tests show I can't recover any data after that.