Help! The program has been running for 166 hours!



I am not sure if something is wrong and by my calculations I have another 8 days to go before it will be finished completely overwriting my hard drive. It is still counting down, but it is moving very slowly. Is something wrong? Should I be worried?
Has it finished yet?
Maybe a little more info will get you an answer!
How's big is your drive? I have a 20 Gb HD that takes around 24 hours to wipe on the super secure method (35 methods).
I feel your pain

DBAN is the super dumb ass progrm and I regret to use it cuz I lost a perfectly good 120 GB hard drive.
Even making it worst, the creator of DBAN wants me to pay him 50 dollars for consultation.
I simply wish I shouldn't know about DBAN.
Anyway, were you able to recover your hard drive.
It is 150GB I believe. And it is still running at 346 hours. I am getting very worried but I keep waiting for it to finish as I am scared to stop the erase and cause a crash! Any help and/or advice would be appreciated.

Are you using DBAN or Eraser? DBAN is normally what you would use to erase a whole drive. Eraser is more aimed at particular files and unused space.

If you are nuking the drive, there is no reason to be concerned with a crash by interrputing the erase process, since you are overwriting everything anyway. If the drive is not having physical problems already, then you should be able to restart the PC and treat the drive as unformatted.

The only reason to not interrupt the erasing process is that previous data would not be overwritten. But 8 days for a 20GB drive seems really odd. Did you manually set the number of passes, or did you take one of the defaults? It would normally be done by now, even with a slower Pentium.
DBAN. And I used one of the defaults. It is still counting down, but it has been running on the 7th pass for over a week. How do I stop the DBAN? Has anybody had any experience with stopping a DBAN?
Theoretically, it sounds okay if I just shut it off. I was wondering if anyone has actually stopped a DBAN scan cold, however. Was everything okay with the computer?
lol... yes you can stop it without worrying. I do it all the time if i decied i dont want to wait 3 days for it to finish. If its been going for a week on a 20GB... you either have a really slow processor or a really slow HD or both. The only thing with stopping DBAN is it wont securely erase the drive. Think of your hard drive as a casette tape... It wont break if you hit the stop button while its recording... :lol:
What kind of chipset do you have on your motherboard? If you have a SiS 650 then you should use the latest Boot and Nuke software.