help! thousands of 1kb files in my C:\


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something annoying happened to my C:\ when Eraser was terminated unexpectedly: I tried to erase unused disk space, approx. 60 GB. After the program was terminated, there were around 400.000 files with random filenames in my root directory. Deleting is virtually unimpossible. I waited for hours and still no delete confirmation showed up.

Can someone help me with this? Thank you so much in advance.


First you can delete them... if it's possible. Uh, I believe it may be due to one of those things where files are forced to fill the MFT.

After the files are deleted try doing ChkDsk to make sure your MFT is intact and not damaged.

Same here - possible delete solution

I'm having the same problem.

What I am attempting to do is do a search on the C: drive (NO SUBFOLDERS) to limit the number of files windows exploerer has to display. Then I can delete them from the search window.

The files are random names like 6a8w34.xlt. But at least the first 2 characters seem to be in alphabetical order. If I search for "6a*" i get about 700 files. If I search for "6*", i get about 20,000.

It's gonna take a LONG time though.

I was hoping I could delete them faster through DOS, but the files are hidden. When I do a directory listing in DOS, the files don't show.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd appreciate it!
v6 shouldn't suffer from this problem, the files are stored together with the other temp files.