How to completely wipe External USB-->SATA hard disk


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Hi. Using Windows 7 64bit. I have a stack of 9 SATA hard drives I need to completely and irreversibly wipe. I have an external USB-->SATA interface to connect each drive.

What are the correct settings in Eraser 6.0.9 to do this? When I create a task, it is not entirely obvious how to achieve a secure wipe of the entire disk.

I've read the 23 page PDF and I cannot find a section that explicitly deals with wiping an entire disk.

Thank you

* PS. I obviously do not want to wipe my Windows 7 system drive :)
The recommended approach for 6.0 is to quick format the drive in question, then run an unused space erase on it.

6.2 (in beta) has a native non-system full drive erasure feature. If you intend to try that out (I do use it for my own drives) please be aware of the Beta build fine print.