How to point Eraser to cache and temp stuff?


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I have a newbie question. How do I daily erase random temp and cache stuff with eraser? Here is an example of what ccleaner does with firefox:
C:\Documents and Settings\madara\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9v5svl1w.default\cache\011C3127d01
C:\Documents and Settings\madara\Recent\firefoxcache.lnk

So I go to Eraser, scheduler, files in folders, it does not let me type out or paste that line so I try to find it. Every time no matter what browser I get stuck at C:\Documents and Settings\madara\. There is no local settings to continue finding that directory, no local settings, no recent, etc. I have desktop, favorites, my documents, start menu and user data(gibberish number and letter sub folders) as the only folder options after C:\Documents and Settings\madara\.
I suppose automated programs like ccleaner is fine but now I am curious to up my skill level and understand my computer better.
What version are you using? v6 allows you to type into the Files in Folder text field directly. If you need to select the folder, you need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders as well as protected operating system files in (Explorer) Tools > Folder Options > View.