How to use on external drive


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Hello. My old laptop died, but I was able to access the old hard drive via docking cables. I need to return the dead laptop and its hard drive to the manufacturer for replacement, but I would like to remove traces of my banking and purchases, etc. As a novice, I am concerned about jeopardizing my present laptop in using Eraser.

If I download Eraser, is there a risk of its wiping out my present laptop hard drive? I see from the instructions that you can select the drive, so I assume it should not be harmful, but I want to be utterly sure. Also, once I have wiped the old hard drive, how do I uninstall Eraser from my good laptop?

Thanks in advance.
Yes. You need to pick the correct drive, and be sure to pick the Unused Space Erase, which will not erase any of your existing data.

I don't see why you need to remove Eraser from your good laptop, but if you so wish to, it can be removed like any other program in Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features for Win7)
Yes, you may need to format the old computer's drive before erasing unused space, otherwise files which do contain data will not be removed (and passwords can be found in clear on-disk sometimes)