Missing drive letters after WinXP Reinstalled...


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I'm missing drive letters after I ran DBAN (v1.0.6) and reinstalling WinXP on an IBM Thinkpad T42p. The missing drive letters (D & E) where assigned to partitions before I ran DBAN. Does anyone know how to get them back?

-- Greg
still confused...

I'm still confused. I've rebuilt and repartitioned my hard drive after using DBAN to wipe everything out - as I wanted, I'm trying to start the new year absolutely clean. However, now that I have a fresh copy of WinXP Pro loaded on my primary partition ("C") and two other new partitions, I'm missing the drive letters (D & E) even though they're not assigned to anything. I understand that the old partitions are gone, but why are the drive letters missing under my new build? I thought I wiped everything out and reloaded from scratch, but there seems to be some residual data somewhere saying that drives D & E are assigned to something. I don't see this situation addressed in the documentation.
You can change letter mappings by opening "Administrative Tools" from the control panel, clicking "Computer Management", and clicking "Disk Management".
Yes, I know how to do the reassignment; the problem is that the available drive letters from the drop-down list are missing the letters (D & E) that were previously assigned to partitions before doing the DBAN. Yet, they are not assigned in the current build -- they're just missing. These unassigned, missing letters are the point of this post.
Run the registry editor and look at this key:


If \DosDevices\D: and \DosDevices\E: exist here, then they have been assigned to devices. Reassign these devices.

If these do not exist here, then the Microsoft Windows is installation is broken. This kind of breakage is caused by twiddling and by non-default installation.