no internet install


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I'm using XP sp3

Is it possible to install and run eraser without an internet connection?

Does eraser require registration to work?

After installing, on erase settings page, there are no options in the drop down window.

default file erasure method is blank.
default unused space method is blank

I scrolled down to the bottom of the page, checked additional plugins, clicked save settings,
closed and opened eraser, same deal, no options.
You don't need an internet connection to install eraser. Have you installed the latest version from sourceforge?
Yes, I installed the latest version.

It installs on an XP machine with an internet connection just fine, but without a connection
the drop down windows are empty and it doesn't run.

My first post for this thread is accurate.
Download the 5.7 version from sourceforge as it could be an issue with the older XP OS.

5.7 will do the same job just in an older interface :)