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I work for a small Data Processing company. We periodically erase data from the servers. A customer of our is requesting that we have a record of files that we securely erase. Is there a way using eraserl.exe to record the process? I'm thinking something like a log that shows the process as it is happening. The closest I can come right now is to write the directory to a file before the erase then write it out again after. Obviously this is not sufficient for true auditing. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What do you mean by record the process? List the files being erased?

There isn't such functionality that I know of, sorry.

Would the command line help? Use Eraserl and pass the whole list of files. I mean there' wont be a line of output for each file erased, but I guess it's something?

Joel said:
pass the whole list of files.

This problem has resurfaced at our company and I need a way to do this. Joel, please explain what you mean.

Anyone else,


Well you could use the command line to show some sort of log. If you want to erase files in a folder, you could try this:

rem Erase.bat
for %%i in (*.*) do EraserL <usual command line params>

And run the batch file.