Problem with eraser - Invalid Values


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I just installed Eraser along with .net framework. I restarted my PC. I'm using Winxp Sp3. When I first open eraser, I get an error message:

The following settings held invalid values:

Default file erasure method
Default unused space erasure method
Randomness data source

I go into settings and there are no options for me to select with these settings. I saw a previous forum thread and tried doing what was suggested. However, the company's name isn't on the list of Trusted Root Certificates.
Try deleting the Task List - details in FAQ.

If that doesn't work, please tell us what build of Eraser you are using.

When was the Root Certificates update dated?
Same problem here.
Assuming you followed all the advice (including that about the Root Certificates), uninstall Eraser, delete any Task List file and the settings key in the Registry, then run a Registry cleaner (such as the one found in CCleaner). Install Eraser again. Make sure you use; the 6.1 development builds are not ready or intended for normal use.

As I'm doing beta testing, I am installing and uninstalling development builds of Eraser all the time, which is asking for problems. So far, the procedure described above has always got me out of trouble, though I did have to go through it twice on one occasion. After a bad problem, I tend to install 6.0.7 as a sanity check, while I wait (usually not very long) for Joel to come up with the next build.