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Recover Data from iPhone after iOS 11 Update

Discussion in 'Smartphone Products' started by Tmzmo623, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. Tmzmo623

    Tmzmo623 New Member

    In fact, Apple plans to let the iOS system slowly began to support 64 applications, we are not surprised, but in recent years, Apple has been moving forward. In fact, the beginning of this year there are signs that Apple will begin to gradually give up to 32 application support, and now according to a new report shows that Apple will be in the next version of the iOS 11 system, to completely abandon the 32 application support.

    The new version of the system will bring more experience, however, there is a problem that needs attention, that is how to recover data from iPhone after iOS 11 update.

    In fact, most of the missing data is due to misuse, or forget to back up important data before upgrade. Please please don't worry, to recover data from iPhone after iOS 11 update, you just need the iPhone Data Recovery.

    iPhone Data Recovery allows to Recover Deleted Text Messages, Photos, Videos, Contacts, Notes, Calendars, Call history, Voice Memos, Reminders from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Their Backup Files.

  2. Alenliu

    Alenliu Member

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  3. Cassatty

    Cassatty New Member

    I strongly recommend you to have a try of the Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery. This tool allows iPhone users to recover iPhone deleted data on iPhone easily. You can use it to recover deleted contacts,messages,photos,videos,music without any restrictions
  4. alanmore

    alanmore New Member

    If you lose data after iOS update, you can restore your iPhone with backup file. If you don't have backup file, you can try iPhone Data Recovery software. It can scan your iPhone deeply to find the deleted data. You can preview them and then recover them from your iPhone to computer. This program can recover deleted photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, notes, reminders, calendars and other deleted data from your iPhone. Learn how to recover deleted notes on iPhone here.
  5. onyiersan

    onyiersan New Member

  6. ammyour5

    ammyour5 New Member

    iPhone Data Recovery can one click to Recover Deleted Text Messages, Photos, Videos, Contacts, Notes, Calendars, Call history, Voice Memos, Reminders from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Their Backup Files. So, you can easily recover iPhone data after iOS 11 update by using this tool.

  7. kaoler1

    kaoler1 New Member

    After iOS 11 upgrade, you may lost some iPhone data and want to get them back, if you make a iTunes backup before, you can use iTunes to get data back but you will overwritten all iPhone file, so you can use iPhone data recovery software to extract iTunes/iCloud backup or directly scan iPhone and recover lost data from iPhone, it can recover lost iPhone photos, messages, imessages, contacts, videos, notes and more.
  8. Voamtery

    Voamtery New Member

    More and more people have lost data after iOS update
  9. markhascole

    markhascole New Member

    from i cloud
  10. JakeTse

    JakeTse New Member

    Of course you can use third-party apps if you don't have backup. iOS Data Recovery powered by iphonedata.net can help you with this.
  11. stephanic

    stephanic New Member

    Till now iOS 11 is not yet released and so there is no need to worry about the future update. Yes but it is seen every time that whenever any update comes and is updated by iOS users, some data gets lost or other problems occurs. For that, you have to be prepared. Means all your data should be properly backed up so that if by chance you lose your data then you may have an option to get them back.
    This post is originally taken from: http://www.iosdevicerecovery.info/blog/2016/09/20/ios-10-data-recovery/
  12. Incidiya

    Incidiya New Member

    Many of our readers, loyal and satisfied customers, have encountered this problem, and wonder how they can recover their lost or deleted files from their iPhone. You should not be worried. There are three ways which you can use to recover the iPhone’s lost data

    Solution 1: Use FoneDog – iOS Data Recovery to recover deleted recent calls on iPhone directly.

    Solution 2: How to recover data on iPhone via iTunes backup by FoneDog – iOS Data Recovery.

    Solution 3: How to use FoneDog toolkit to retrieve deleted calls on iPhone via iCloud backup.

    • Recover lost contacts, messages, photos, notes, videos, call logs and even app data from any iOS device.
    • Recover lost or deleted data from iPhone/iPad, iTunes or iCloud.
    • Support all iOS version (includes iOS10.2 ) and models (includes iPhone 7)
    Hope it can help you!
  13. onyiersan

    onyiersan New Member

    I recover my iPhone lost photos in restore-iphone-data . com
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  14. Keitha Meyerson

    Keitha Meyerson New Member

  15. Wuliliang1024

    Wuliliang1024 New Member

    I used iRefone to help me get back lost data after iOS upgrade.

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