Regularly erase temporary internet files


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I just got Eraser 5.7 and tried to setup a scheduler task to daily erase the temporary internet files stored in c:\Documents and Settings\Bob\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. I opened the Scheduler and selected "new task" and got the Task Properties dialog. On the data tab, I selected "Files on Folder" and clicked the browse button. I double clicked C: and then "Documents and Settings" without any problem.

But when I double-clicked "Bob", the screen started fluttering and finally stopped with "Bob" still highlighted. But it would not show any of the folders underneath "Bob". If instead of double-clicking "Bob", I right-clicked it, I got the Eraser error message "Exception ACCESS_VIOLATION ...".

How can I schedule this folder for regular "Erasing"?
Thanks in advance.
admin said:
Can you try this with the latest 5.8beta?


Garrett, I went to the website, clicked download for 5.8 beta and was given a selection of software to download. I have a 3800+ AMD Athlon 64 X2 Processor running on Windows XP Media Center. So, I chose the file eraser58setup64.exe .
Then I uninstalled (via "Add/Remove programs") eraser57, rebooted and ran eraser58setup64.exe. But it stopped the install saying that it could not run on this version of Windows. What do I do now.