"Reserve" space for faster free-space wiping?


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As one of many with large drives (160gb) with large free-space (~100gb), I find that erasing free-space can take a long time. So, I've devised a manual solution to reduce the amount of time needed:
1. Wipe free-space
2. Use a program to create large files to fill the drive up to the point where there's reasonable amount of free-space available. Typically, I leave 10gb free, with each filler file being 10gb in size. The files have a unique extension, "FSPC".
3. (Optional)Defrag the drive, placing the files from #2 at the end of the drive.
4. When space gets low, delete one or more files from #2.
5. Periodically wipe the free-space, which takes much less time now. The fill files should be safe, as they were originally created on a drive which had the free-space erased.

It'd be really cool if we could configure Eraser to leave a configurable amount of space "filled" after wiping free-space, then have as one of the available tasks the option of checking the available space and deleting the fill files as necessary.

Does this make sense?

Your idea is good. I have heard of a product that does this (Creating the files) i will try and hunt it down again. I believe it was free.