Small mistake on site


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Hi Garrett,

I found a tiny (but fairly important!) mistake on your site. The products page links to for eraser. Unfortunately, there is no default.htm in that directory on your server, so the user gets a page not found error.

Thought you would want to know :)
Just found a tiny bug in the forums (which, BTW, seem to work better than any other forum I have ever seen... way to go!).

There is an option in everyones profile called:
"Signature checkbox checked by default?"

I have mine set to "no" (who needs signatures?), but the checkbox is still always checked when I make a post.

Also, on the upper-right corner of each forums page, there is a little menu called "home profile register ...".

I clicked "Home" expecting to go to the home forum page, but it wound up taking me all the way back to home page (which then couldnt link back to the forums due to the error listed in the first post in this thread). My misunderstanding, undoubtedly. Maybe you want to add an item on that menu called "forums" or "forums home" or "all forums", or something like that. The option is available on the left side of the page, but that menu up there on the right side is just so convenient! No big deal in any case... just a thought.
quote:Originally posted by admin
I have disabled signatures on the postings so no more annoying checkbox.


Test post... yes you have! Great! [:D][:D][:D]

And in response to your other note... youre very welcome. [:)]