Speed up a Slow iPhone


Now Apple has admit that they will slow down old iPhone when new iOS version release, and they do it to protect our old iPhone from shutting down randomly. This news make more iPhone user unsatisfied, as Apple didn’t send this information to them before updating new iPhone. So is there any methods can help us speed up a slow iPhone?

Fortunately, there are some ways can help us with it. Now you can follow below tips and have a try.

Free Up iPhone Storage Space

Firstly, we should check our iPhone storage space, as when our iPhone is full, it will also slow our iPhone.

Open your iPhone, and go to Setting--General--Storage & iCloud Usage.

Then find and click “Manage Storage” icon, and all our apps will be in the list with iPhone storage it’s taking.

And you can delete those apps who are taking more storage space according to your needs.


At the same time, we can enable “Offload Unused Apps” and “Auto Delete Old Conversations”, then it will help us delete some old conversations automatically as well as some apps.

Running Apps Seperately

When we launch too many apps at the same time, our iPhone will also run slowly, now you can close your background running apps, and keep the one you need to use now.

And you can double click your home button or virtual home button to bring out all your background running apps, then swipe up them one by one to close them.

Turn off Background App Refresh

It will also slow down our iPhone, when there are apps update their content in the background automatically. So we can turn of background app refresh feature.

Open your iPhone, go to Setting--General--Background App Refresh, and turn it off.

When you don’t want to turn this button off, you can also choose related app button you need from the lists, and turn them off.


Restart iPhone

It can help us solve some hardware issue and software issue when we restart our iPhone, now we follow below steps and restart iPhone to have a try.

Press power button and hold on until it shows “Slide to power off”, then slide it to close your iPhone.

Wait a few seconds, then press power button and home button together and hold on until Apple logo will show up on your screen, then your iPhone will be open.

Close App without Service

Like location service and Bluetooth, when we don’t use it, we can close the service.

Open your iPhone, go to Setting--Privacy--Location Service, and turn it off.

Also you can adjust it with related apps under it.


Update Apps

And there are always some notifications about updating our apps, if there are some apps need to be updated, we’d better update them.

Open your iPhone, go to Setting--App Store--Update, click it.

Then you can see some apps which needs to be updated, tap on “Update” to update those apps.

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