Stuck on classic theme after running eraser on my C drive


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hi guys,

I am stuck on Classic theme after running ERaser yesterday on unused space on my C drive, same issue as this guy had here ... rking.html, other themes not working though I don't want to restore windows...

Funny thing is, I did the SAME procedure on another windows 7 machine, my work pc with SSD hard disk and nothing happened there, aero works as a charm, that's why I ran it on my home pc as well..

any ideas? already did :

reinstalled intel and AMD drivers (im on HP laptop)
sfc /scannnow
tried aero troubleshooter + fix me from Microsoft
tried registry hack @ HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM
tried to create one new user
resetted Windows score index, I have 5.9 now

I cannot honestly understand what Eraser wiped out!

any help appreciated!
Re: Stuck on classic theme after running eraser on my C driv

iam watching same issue.
after wiping free diskspace include delete filetail option
my xp64 slow down multiple dozen time.
pls explain what eraser do wipe out
my system started after 10inutes (600sec)
every disk access seems to have no cache whike too slow
one disk is crashed i haf to removed
as you can see this first eraser test ended with catastrophic failure
thanks for any helpful hints