system:outofmemory error


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I'm trying to delete a 1 TB folder on a Seagate 3 TB GoFlex USB drive. Each time I get system:eek:utofmemory error after a 4-5 minute wait. Is there a folder size limit? Using Gutmann 35 passes, pseudorandom Data 1 pass, RNGCryptoServiceProvider (default settings) latest stable version Laptop 2.5 GHZ CPU 4 GB RAM - found if I go a level deeper in the directory I don't receive the error. There are millions of files in the TB of data, this is going to take weeks. Is there a more efficient way to purge a directory with millions of files?
First format the drive normally in windows and then do a 1 pass free-space erase. One pass is good enough and the formatting should fix the issue with it trying to munch through so many files.