Unused Disk Erasure messes up HD and post is removed


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I posted about how Eraser messed up my hard drive and the post is nowhere in the support forum....and its not in my view my posts either what happened to it ?

Update : My post about how Eraser messed up my hard drive after an Unused disk space erasure was disappeared on this forum. Amazing. This is unacceptable! Now you pissed me off. I use your software in good faith that the bugs are now all fixed and it it fills up my hard drive and I now have to reformat and you remove my post on the topic about how the Unused disk erasure caused this.

UPDATE : Searched through the forum after numerous reboots and chkdsk and found a solution which was deleting the folder that contained all the files used to overwrite the freespace..... Glad I didn't have to reboot but still troubling at how Eraser did not delete this file after the operation was completed. I was running under administrator because I tried to erase the free space without admin and it said it couldn't so I re-did it under Admin.
Glad you found the solution. FAQ can be quite useful.

Didn't see your original post, so cannot comment on that.