what happen to my hard drive boot sector info?




I use your program to erase my hard drive.
I want to install windows 2000, but windows set up reject the installation because it can not access to hard drive information.
I use hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic tool to check my hard drive and it can not see the partition information on my hard drive
How can I possibly restore or erase hard drive so that windows set up would access to hard drive?
Since you have no partition on the drive, the installer for Windows 2000 will ask if you want to create a partition. It defaults to the whole drive, but you can specify what size you want. Then format the partition (probably with NTFS).
windows set up can not read the information of hard drive.
Which wipe method should I use to physically wipe out my hard drvie to be zero value in?
My motherboard bios has no problem to read my hard drive general info, but windows 2000 and other utilities can not access to hard drive information.
My hard drive uses LBA method.
Your tip or suggestion is greatly needed
windows 2000 set up message says something like this, " your fixed drive's start up disk has been erased or corrupted. Set up can not access to boot sector of hard drive'
By the way, my hard dirve is maxtor and its firmware is YAR41BW0.
I do some research over the internet and experts say if I can flash the firmware, then the hard drive will be at factory setting. Is this a true fact?

I am downloading ultimate boot cd and will try to use tools later on
If your BIOS can see the drive, then use DBAN to completely erase the drive. Then it should be recognized by Windows installer. I doubt that you need to flash anything.
I used DOD short method to wipe my hard drive and try to see whether DOS 6.22's FDSK would be able to recognize the hard drive, but it didn't.
I used DBAN to quick erase and it indicates my hard drive as generic hard drive and finish without doing anything.