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    My personal opinion about Eraser 6 - Pros and Cons

    I'm also back to Eraser 5.8.8 at the moment. It's not because of the bugs I've found immediately after running 6.0.6, it's because I still don't like Eraser 6's user interface. It's just worse in so many ways than the former one. For example the settings: Eraser 5 had everything in two dialogs...
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    Eraser 6.0 status display?

    Isn't it possible for the background task to create a pop-up window, emulating the old behaviour? This way we get the best of both worlds. The status pop-up window is not modal because it is not related to the explorer task window, but users still get immediate visual feedback of what is...
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    Eraser 6.0.6 crashes when editing eraser methods

    I was trying to add a null byte eraser method and after exiting the default plugin dialog, Eraser crashed. I was simply adding a single constant (hexadecimal) pass method. Also the passes list isn't updated correctly... when I change from Random to Hexadecimal, it still says Random in the list...
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    [v5&6] "Elevation Required" message while Erasing Free Space

    Is there a UAC confirmation dialog planned for Eraser 6 that will make starting Eraser 6 with Admin rights unneccessary?
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    Wipe free space doesn't work correctly (I can recover files)

    That has probably overwritten the deleted files properly and not Eraser. So it's not really a solution.
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    Eraser v5 unicode support

    I guess there's no Unicode aware release planned? :(
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    Overwriting once is enough ... ung/121855 (in German) ... t--/112432 (in English) (Paper in English)
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    Eraser v6 unicode support

    It does.