Asus A7n8x MB Nforce


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hi all , i have used Dban for a while now and all has gone well, a few weeks ago i changed my motherboard to the above now when i run the program it works ok for a while then it freezes, the harddrive light stays on but the program percentages and everything else just stops , does anyone else have this MB and can you tell me if it works or doesnt ??? i want to get it to work but if it doesnt on this MB i dont want to waste time getting it going if it doesnt work , i have tried loads of differnt configurations , master , slave primary secondary etc , i have forced to to ATA 33 with a cable ( usually it ATA 100) i have tried 3 differnt drives all fail between 30 - 40 % if i out them in old PC all is ok , if someone has it going can you teel me what Bios version you are using .
thanks in advance for help .


The nForce2 chipset in the A7N8X motherboard should be compatible with DBAN, although slow.

It is likely that you have bad memory in the computer. Get the diagnostic from and run it on the computer.