Version 1 of Dariks Boot and Nuke is now in early beta.

You can download beta releases from the DBAN file page. Status updates will be available here.


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Im using this on an old Compaq server with 500Mb RAM. I really like the concurrency feature - it makes a big difference. I did want to make a couple of points on the beta:

During boot process, I got the message: "xd: Out of memory". It still worked though. I dont think it used up all 500Mb. At the main menu, the menu items along the bottom didnt seem to all work. Specifically, M and V didnt do anything - not that Im really sure what they were supposed to do. Maybe I just missed it. [:)] It would have been nice to specify some of the wipe parameters, like the number of passes. There may be nothing you can do about that, pending the release of wipe-2.3, but I thought Id mention it. The display was a bit off. I have 7 drives installed. Only five showed up in the list, but the last entry had 3 xfr-rate boxes. All drives seemed to be running. I think its just a display issue.CPU utilization display was off. After a few minutes it seemed to sort of stabilize between 760% and 801% utilization. Talk about overclocking!! [:D] Could that be a decimal point thing? (ie. 76.0 and 80.1?)

Otherwise so far so good. Looking forward to v1.0.