DBAN 'load averages' question


The unix "load average" is a measurement of system activity.

An idle computer has a load average of 0. A process that can use all CPU time adds 1 point to the load average. A process that is waiting for I/O to happen also adds 1 point to the load average.

You can think of a load average between 0..1 as a percentage of system utilization. For example, a load average of 0.25 means that the system is 25% busy. Load averages greater than 1 indicate resource overcommitment. For example, a load average of 2 means that the computer would need to be twice as fast to handle the entire process schedule.


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OK, thanks...

...but there are three values, usually different.
Do they have special meaning ???


The numbers that you see in DBAN are for three rolling intervals: one minute, ten five minutes, and fifteen minutes. These are the same numbers that you would get from the `top` or `uptime` programs.