Eraser 5.8.7-beta 3 Standard and Portable

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Hello all,

I've spent a bit of time recently working on Eraser v5 and I'm glad to announce the release of Eraser 5.8.7-beta 3. This release contains about a dozen fixes and includes both the standard installed version as well as the portable version.

The Installer (unified for x86 and x64): 5.8.7-beta3_setup.exe
  • MD5: 6059aa0f768672695a28a3c9735d0d3c
  • SHA-1: 0a6a757e39941b09a6e839278539a800d5e48e00
  • SHA-256: 0843596c7bae8ac064e2d48b83a438be2c4b6749a7dd63839f058fa72f470427
  • Whirlpool: 93b703b6ba80715bed8a7136a86db163397014ce506e1e02fad950962bb78b05cc5d9613499448c0a99573164962b94c1e812ef2fa9b6dc87ee4e5b282e3116c

Portable Zip (only x86):
  • MD5: 7dbd4f3c423bc0b9cbc7ebe924d2f5ee
  • SHA-1: 7921ed5f29ccc57290bc91093c04db62d694d1b9
  • SHA-256: c12975c26f32dc9fadb8421d77337a2c676577ac69502d4d2def2bdb59e20873
  • Whirlpool: b1d56edc0e93d4de4a6b7f7d4802ae1240184814353928b8ec76e52f9f83bcd8e5bc14b9173c136883fe5f227b94b33bdfe67d628d1d95b92879cbfd07972be

  • Fixed command line error when selecting subfolders to be erased with the parent folder
  • Fixed a few issues with EraserL creating a registry key after an erase
  • Fixed the weird bug of right-clicking the various erase methods and Eraser hangs. Hopefully this resolves the problem of the file/folder selection dialog blinking and resetting the selections.
  • Implemented NTFS EFS file erasure (EXPERIMENTAL!)
  • Further complicate forensics: Set MACE to invalid values (NTFS only)
  • Fixed #6: Incorrect 'When Finished' option
  • Implemented #37: Eraser should not allow system to hibernate or standby when running
  • Fixed #36: Eraser overriding Windows hotkeys in context menu
  • Fixed #48: Inaccurate determination of process elevation
  • Do not create "New Eraser Document" in the New context menu of Explorer when using a Portable version

Do post bugs for both releases on Trac. A stable 5.8.7 will be targeted for Sunday.

Downloaded and installed the portable version of Beta 3 and so far, she's LOOKIN' GOOD ! Just crossing my fingers that you will be able to nail that bug that prohibits erasing URLs. THANKS, Joel ! ! ! !
OOOOOPS.... I wrote too soon. One major problem in beta 3, at least to me - I installed it and soon learned that there is no way to change the number of overwrites, either via the context menu or erasing the recycle bin. The default seems to be '35', and I have been totally unsuccessful finding a way to change this. I personally erase huge (multi-gigabyte) system backups and I'm not about to wait for a utility to overwrite that 35 times. :) Please educate me if there is a quick hack to change the default for this setting, or please consider giving the user the ability to change the default. Thanks for listening, Joel.


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After right clicking the file and selecting Erase, there's a confirmation dialog. At the bottom left there's an Options button. Select that and select the number of passes etc. Accept changes on the dialog and select yes to the confirmation dialog.

AH, YES ! Thanks, Joel ! My 'auto button pusher' (RtvReco) was flashing past this screen so fast I did not see the options button. All seems to be working now. Thanks again ! !


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Hello, "Eraser 5.8.7-beta 3 Portable" still creates "Eraser.INI" in root of Windows system folder (C:\Windows\ for me) and it recreate it after i delete it (all like in beta 1).
OS - Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 (version: 5.2.3790 Service Pack 2)

Content of it different from file in eraser program folder:
Also i have small feature request, is it possible to add "Pause" button, not only "Stop"?

P.S. Wrong URL to Standard version, correct one - ... _setup.exe (space missing).
I'm not trying to complain but it has been over three weeks since
A stable 5.8.7 will be targeted for Sunday
was posted. That makes me think that there are serious issues with this version, and why the final hasn't been released. Is this version okay to use?
creates c:\windows\Eraser.INI for me.

Content of file:



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n8chavez said:
I'm not trying to complain but it has been over three weeks since
A stable 5.8.7 will be targeted for Sunday
was posted. That makes me think that there are serious issues with this version, and why the final hasn't been released. Is this version okay to use?
Yes it is perfectly fine. I can't release any official versions (official software is released under Garrett's company) and I've informed Garrett that 5.8.7 is ready for release... but it seems like he's been too busy lately...


Any word with the creation of the Eraser.INI in root of Windows system folder C:\Windows ??


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A few questions:

  • How do you start Eraser?
  • Is it through a shortcut, if so, what is the shortcut's Working Directory?
  • What do you do when Eraser starts
  • Is the INI file appearing immediately after the program starts or do you only find it after the program exits?
Sorry I need to clarify to get more information, I can't duplicate it on my machines. The only Eraser.ini I see is beside the Eraser.exe program on my computer: I start the program directly without using a shortcut.

Never mind, I'm an idiot. I just did a bunch of testing and I cannot get the file to show up now. I guess the .ini file was from an old build or something.

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