Eraser 5.84 stops.


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I have just installed Eraser 5.84 and have tried to use it (4 times) in the normal mode, to erase the unused disk space but the program gives me an error message that 'Eraser has encountered a problem and needs to close'. The Pass percentage is 7%; the Total percentage is 1% when Eraser stops. I have been using Eraser for a long time without any problems. I uninstalled the previous version (5.8 ??) before installing 5.84. I have ZA and AVG, but they were always running during the previous Eraser version....without any difficulties. No changes were made to my PC other than uninstalling and installing Eraser. My OS is WinXP Home Ed SP2. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Get 5.86 RC1 or wait for the final version. Will be soon out!
I know this version will fix your problems!

oh, and when you are deleting free space, it is ALWAYS a wise idea to shut down all running apps, including antivirus etc. Check your startup list (msn Live Messenger anyone LOL)