Eraser not working from context menu


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Hi, it's my first post here, but I'm a long time Eraser user. I recently updated both Eraser (to 2986) and Windows 10 (to1903). Since then Eraser has not functioned from the context menu even though I installed it as an administrator and it is set to run as such. I have the option to run Eraser in the right click menu and when I select that option I get the usual UAC box asking if I want to run Eraser, but even when I say yes nothing happens. I don't even get the task added to Eraser's scheduled task list. However, if I delete the files to the recycle bin and run Eraser on that it works fine. During the installation I got a message from Eraser saying that because the .Net framework was already installed it would not install .Net again, but other than that everything seemed to go fine. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Eraser but I get the same problem so any advice would be very welcome.