Forum Crash ?


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Hi :(

The forum seems to have lost some posts and reverted back to about 5 or 6 days ago.

We have unfortunately lost an interesting post from a new member who was working on the source of V5 as he claimed to have discovered a flaw. Regrettably I cannot remember his username as he only posted once in the programming section.

I hope he posts back and doesn’t think his post / account has been deleted.

If you were that member please recreate your account and post back.


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Phew his username was fraant and he has returned.


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thanks for your attention... and my compliments for your product... eraser i very interesting...


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Hi fraant

I hope you are still checking back here occasionally !

Joel and Garrett seem to have both taken a break from Eraser at the same time so you unfortunately only have me here for now ! :lol:

I just don’t want you to loose interest in Eraser, have you looked at the C++ code Joel has published ? Is it something you can help with ?