Linker error while compiling eraser source code


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As I want to contribute in Eraser Source code, but after downloading Eraser5.7 when i am trying to run that code in Visual Studio 2005 under Windows XP 32 bit i am getting.... following error

Error 21 fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file '..\EraserDll/Debug/eraser.lib' Erasext Erasext

as it shows that eraser.lib file is missing , so could you people please send me the whole complete source code or this eraser.lib file so that i can move further and promote your code in my program ....

I have the source code Eraser 5.8 but it is for 64-bit so i am not able to run that code also...

Please reply as soon as possible ...
Nihar Bhatt (INDIA)


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Have you tried getting the code from the SVN?

I've successfully compiled from that.