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I downloaded Eraser, dated 3 January 2018. I have some questions.

1. The file seems small. Is this a full installer for installing while offline or a stub installer that requires an Internet connection? If this is a stub, is a full installer available?

2. Where can I find a version description? That is, what changed since version

3. Is there a downloadable user document? I often run offline and do not want to go online merely for help in using Eraser.


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1. There is now a version with runtimes
2. Updates are to the installer, compiler version and digital cert - the new cert requires a dongle to be used while signing wich means only we can sign the app.
3. yes there is press help in eraser and a PDF manual gets displayed.
Yes! I got the full installer and installed Eraser Now I have two problems:

1. When I use Eraser, its task completes, and I select the X in the upper-right corner of its window to terminate it, its process does not terminate. The Eraser icon remains in my Windows 7 notification area (previously call the "Tray"). I can right-click on the icon in the notification area and select exit, but how can I get the process itself to terminate automatically when I exit the Eraser window?

2. I cannot get "Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer" to work. Eraser does not appear in any file or folder context menu. I have not been able to get this to work in any prior 6-version.

Note: When I installed Eraser, I got an error popup about not being able to write a registry key. I could not capture the popup. I noticed that the complete key was not indicated; that is, the HKEY top-level name did not appear.
I solved the problem about "Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer" WITHOUT any help from this forum or from the Eraser developers.

I noticed that, as I install new versions over old ones, the settings used by the old versions persist. Many versions ago, I did not install with "Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer" because, in that version, there was no confirmation requested before erasing the selected object.

Thus, I uninstalled Eraser I found that many Windows registry entries remained after that removal, so I deleted all those that were not locked. I also found there were a number of files still remaining in the Eraser folder after the removal, so I deleted them. All this took about an hour. Finally, I custom reinstalled Eraser with "Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer" included. Now I can indeed erase files from a Windows Explorer pull-down context menu, getting a request to confirm the erasure before it occurs.

All this indicates some serious deficiencies in the Eraser installer. There was no override of the fact that I did not install with "Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer" several versions ago when I now requested that "Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer" be included in the installation. Also, there is much "debris" left over when I uninstalled Eraser, which was performed by the Eraser installer (or by some other component of Eraser).


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Over the years we have changed installer engine and this may have been the cause as each uninstall would then roll back to the previous one etc.
I'll check the current installer on a clean machine image