problem after 5.3 erase on xp


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I have been using 5.3 for about a month, scheduled to erase free space.

My problem is that it must have crashed in the middle and used up all of my free space.

I was able to remove the tmp files but then now the system takes forever to boot and then if it does boot and I try to explore the c: drive it just sits and runs the hard drive.


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Try to run the erase again.



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I've experienced the same recently, XP sp2, eraser 5.3. If you select the C:\ directory in explorer, the disc spins for ~10 minutes while "flashlight" searching, then freezes.

When it happened, also closed the app mid erase on C unused. It left a massive pile in something like C:\~erasure\temp. It had thousands of files with random titles like "CY63K8.SQ9". I shift-deleted the directory, rebooted, then ran Eraser again (bad choice?....).

Now boots are way long, and if I happen to touch any file within the C: directory in explorer, I go thru the spin/crash routine.

HINT? If I scan C with Avast antivirus, it show it is scanning those same thousands of files in C:\.....there still there. But they don't show, even with hidden files showing.




del C:\~erafswd.tmp