Eraser, being an Open Source Software project, will most definitely require some help your help! You can help out in many ways: through donations, code reviews, patches, testimonials… the list continues.

Items to review

Everything! Erasure completeness, security, stability… Post on the forum with your results.

Open developer positions

Code reviews and patches can be submitted to Trac.

If you wish to join Eraser as a full-time developer, start by submitting patches to Trac for bugs you find (feature patches are also welcome!) Once your familiarity with Eraser’s workings is established, you can request to join to project as a developer.

Support positions

If you think you are knowledgeable enough to qualify to be a “wizard” drop us an email on the contact form.

Localisation positions

Is English not your native language? Eraser 6 supports localisation of its user interface to many other languages. You may submit a patch to Trac containing your localisation and it will be included in the Eraser distribution in the next version. Want to help more? You can join the Eraser project as a localisation engineer and maintain the language you use most. Email us to express your interest

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