Eraser comes with the ability for you to create your own erasure methods for file overwriting. This is accomplished by right-clicking the Default Erasure Methods and PRNGs plugin in the Settings page, then selecting Custom Erasure Methods. You will be presented with the Custom Erasure Method Editor.Custom Erasure Methods

Provide a Name for the erasure method, as that is how you will identify it in the list of methods, then add any arbitrary number of passes.

  • Randomize pass order will cause the passes to be jumbled every time the erasure is run.
  • Add, Remove, Duplicate, Move Up, Move Down will operate on the currently selected pass in the pass list
  • Pass Data allows you to specify the data for the pass:
    • Text/Hexadecimal will be for your own data. Text will be treated as normal input (UTF-8) and hexadecimal will be used for raw data. The data will be repeated for all parts of the file/unused space until erasure is complete. The interconversion between Hexadecimal and Text may not be lossless (especially if the hexadecimal number translates to a non-Unicode codepoint)
    • Random will erase the file/unused space with random data

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