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    Problems with wireless keyboard

    This advice is correct, and you probably found the correct option for enabling USB keyboard support in DBAN. The DBAN 1.0.x releases requires that USB keyboards remain in legacy compatibility mode. If the change won't stick until the DBAN blue screen starts, then start DBAN at the black...
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    Erasing data on a hard drive with bad sectors

    DBAN will report "failed" if it can see the bad sectors, but it will try to finish the wipe. Note that disks with bad sectors are often wiped very slowly.
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    SATA-II HDD: Not supported?

    DBAN probably doesn't have a driver for your motherboard chipset. Use another product, or wait for the DBAN beta release.
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    Any other possibilities?

    The CRC error indicates that the memory or CPU in this computer is bad. When these parts fail entirely, you'll probably lose some data.
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    SATA-II HDD: Not supported?

    Are you having problems with DBAN and a specific disk? Provide manufacturer and model information.
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    DBAN problem - recycling reboot

    The computer is crashing and rebooting into Microsoft Windows. This is usually caused by bad memory. Download the Memtest86+ utility and run it on this computer. DBAN will not run reliably if the memory diagnostic reports any bad lines.
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    DBAN for wiping multiple drives in a Sun Enterprise 3500

    Contact Techway for a Sun Sparc solution.
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    DBAN 1.0.7 is the current release.

    Ask this question in the Eraser forum.
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    Super slow performance

    DBAN is known to be slow on computers with the Intel 945 chipset. A driver for this hardware will be in the next DBAN release. Until then, use a different product to wipe these computers.
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    please help verify errors ......[blanking]

    Verify errors mean that the hard disk is bad. Physically destroy it.
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    :o StiLL CONFUSED about ISO

    Read this two documents and then describe what confuses you. The documentation will then be fixed.
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    Maxtor External HD

    The current DBAN release does not recognize external USB disks. A potential solution is to create an empty filesytem on the external disk and run a freespace wipe with Heidi Eraser.
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    DBAN 1.0.7 is the current release.

    DBAN 1.0.7 is the current release. Please upgrade to the current release before making a support request. ... _id=439240