DBAN 1.0.7 is the current release.

Why don't you add the newest version of DBAN to the Eraser setup?
There is still the version 1.0.1.
DBAN - it is really wipping the disc properly?

Hi there, what does it mean the below? If a - perhaps - well funded
government agency can do that, it means that even I will wipe my drive with DBAN the data is still vulnerable and any other well funded companies / persons can do that? When is the data completely / 100% deleted and how do I know that?

Many thanks in advance. (THE MESSAGE WAS TAKEN FROM THE DBAN forums).

RE: Speed of DBAN and Gutman
By: dan_beale (dan_beale ) - 2007-07-22 04:54
"How many passes should a post-2005 hard drive go through before everything is taken care of? " - a single overwrite of 0s will make any data unrecoverable to anyone except -perhaps- well funded government agencies.

Even Gutmann says that no-one needs to do the whole set of passes, and that three or four overwrites of random data is about as good as you can get.

Seven overwrites, one of all 1s and one of all 0s and 5 random passes should satisfy everyone.