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    Is it possible restore data of the hard disk wiping by dban?

    hi~ I will apply the dban to my company's computers. so I'm wondering if it is restored or not by some methods as optical microscope , restore software .... thank you..^^
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    When dban meets the bad sectors.

    Hi~ if my hard disk have some bad sectors dban wiping is stoping? or ignore and do wiping continually?
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    if computer has so many disk drives like server...

    Hi~ I have wiped my computer with two hard disk drives. they have several partitions each disk. when i wiped the computer, the number of partitions are 6, or more. and the screen is almost full of the screen size. so, I wonder if there is so many partitions, and the screen size doesn't...
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    If you upgrade DBAN for FC disk...

    Thanks. I'm pleased to hear that. if you do that, Can you tell me when you be ready?
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    If you upgrade DBAN for FC disk...

    Hello. I konw that DBAN not support FC disk to wipe. only IDE,SCSI disk. but I wonder if you upgrade dban for FC disk... Why is the current version not support?
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    About statistics section of wiping screen.

    Hi~ It's very hot..take care yourself!!~ There is some information in the statistics section. The Load Averages have 3 numbers. e.g Load Averages : 0.10, 0.04, 0.01 What is meen those?
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    I have a big problem.

    Hi~ I try to wipe a particular partition of hard disk. but I can't distingush the partition becase there is only below descriptions. [ ] (SCSI 1,0,0,0,-) IBM DDYS-... [ ] (SCSI 1,0,0,0,1) Partition [ ] (SCSI 1,0,0,0,2) Partition [ ] (SCSI 1,0,0,0,3) Partition My hard...
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    What is the mean?

    Hi~ I'm here again..^^ 1. I entered 'nofloppy' in the trouble screen. but I can't find any changes or different compare with nothing. What is it's mean? 2. When I entered 'verbose' in the trouble screen, many messages were appeared and then dban mode started. It's speed is...
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    nonfatal error

    Hi~ Thank you for the answer below. and I have one more qustion. In the dban mode, I selected one of the methods. Then a error message appears. Error message : DBAN finished with nonfatal errors. And system off. I have experienced several time, same thing. What is the reason?
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    What is the verification?

    Hi~ I'm trying to test the 'dban'. During test, I found a different between verification on and off mode. In my testing, the verification on mode is longer twice than off mode. I would like to know verification's roles. in detail. if it is effect before or after overwriting. and why the...
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    How can I go backward step?

    I want to go main menu when it was in dban mode sometimes. but I don't know. so..I used to off/on the system. how can I go backward? If it is possible to modify the program, what sources are modified?