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    Creating a "SendTo" shortcut (Windows)

    Not sure but I don't think that this is a feature yet. You might want to add this in a wish list or something similar.
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    Erasing USB key Drives

    That's actually possible. But if you put a program on a USB drive, there would be a huge chance that it would be slow when used since it will get the files onto the drive and the speed won't be that good when compared to being stored on an HDD.
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    Eraser Needs Your Help !

    Hi Russell, not sure I am am following. What localization are you referring to?
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    Erasing free space of a disk : always reports errors ...

    Hi buddy, looks like you don't have access to this file/folder. Are you logged in as admin? Windows 7? Try granting permission on this folder too.
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    Is a file moved to a USB drive recoverable in hard drive?

    Re: Is a file moved to a USB drive recoverable in hard drive To me, moving is just the same concept as deleting, only, the file is pasted elsewhere after deleting. You need to run the program if you want that file not being able to be recovered I guess.
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    Ran eraser files still show in data recovery..

    This thread should help you out. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8005
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    Error: Eraser has stopped working

    You mentioned that this has started a week ago, have you made any modifications so far? Like may a security software installation or anything? Try running a system restore, this is my favorite. Set to to one week back.
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    error messge win7 will not work with32bit software

    Even if you are logged in as admin, when you're trying to install this, right click on the exe file and hit on run as admin. Hope it makes a difference.
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    Window 3.11 Computer

    Can you please specify what that means?
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    eraser vs Win8/IE10

    SOunds reasonable. I would allow the developers some time. Rushing things would lead to a non desirable results. Just saying.
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    This is the main task of the software, by overwriting it several times. I guess that would be a no. SOrry to bring this to you.
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    Eraser + Antivirus Programs

    Yah. Currently, that's the work around that I am using and so far it's working pretty well for me.
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    Eraser doesn't work.?

    Another thing that I suspect is that there may be changes that was done in your system causing a software conflict or something. Can you recall any?
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    Deleting program containing multiple files

    Hi. I hope this is what you're looking for. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8881&p=27020&hilit=multiple+files#p27020
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    Hi Kome, can you please rephrase this? What are you trying to delete and what error message do you get after?