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    3 Excel Password Unlockers

    Check out Erasers blog on Excel Password Unlocker Software Programmes, at:
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    Eraser needs administrative privileges to use?

    you will need admin rights to access the disk. Try setting this in the file properties to run as administrator
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    Eraser won't run.

    Do you get any error messages? What happens if you turn off TrendMicro? Try whitelisting eraser. Did you install the official version of Eraser i.e this
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    Eraser Released

    This version now recognises exFAT drives
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    erase files from hard drive

    you can do a freespace erase. Backup the machine first incase of mistakes
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    you cannot wipe the drive you are logged into best option would be to reinstall windows and then do a freespace erase
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    Install via SCCM w/ secure auto delete on log off/restart

    extract the MSI file for the desired architecture X86 or x64 and try that its a standard MSI file
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    Importing Task List not working

    can you upload the file here or PM me?
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    Windows login as Standarduser and eraser do nothing

    This is a permissions issue - i assume logged in as administrator it works? Eraser needs low level access to the drives.
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    Build with .NET 4

    It installs and works perfectly here - what is the sequence of events you are using to cause it to fail? Have you tried running as administrator?
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    Error running on Windows Server 2008

    Shutdown eraser and then right click on the exe and run as administrator - what happens?
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    Unwanted Tasks Added to Schedule

    Do you stiull have this issue? Eraser creates a task for each job and should delete any ad-hoc tasks once completed.
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    Eraser updates via SCCM?

    1 - install as normal 2 - no 3 - we would release a new version
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    Install via SCCM w/ secure auto delete on log off/restart

    Eraser has standard installer - you could capture the install or do a /Q and deploy Wiping the Recyclebin can be done via a script
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    Does eraser really wipe free space on SSD drives?

    I'll include USB keys in this answer. In a freespace erase eraser will first fill the drive and then erase the space, you would only need to use a 1 pass erase on a USB or SSD drive For SSD Read this article and this - You need to consider the age of the drive and whether you need to wipe...