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    Eraser eats up all available RAM on Win7 x64

    You dont give up easy :) Maybe you are David?
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    Task Type: Running on restart does not work

    the windows UAC is probably blocking eraser on startup in the registry editor navigate to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers] create a key C:\Program Files\Eraser\Eraser.exe and the value of ~ RUNASINVOKER RUNASADMIN reboot and let me know if...
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    How do I make it appear when I right click?

    can you check if there exists these settings in the registry [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\Eraser] @="{BC9B776A-90D7-4476-A791-79D835F30650}"
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    Erasing not working quite well

    This seems like a hardware issue or windows update. Have you applied the latest windows updates first? What happens when you remove some external drives?
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    Problems loading latest version

    The issue here is that windows still thinks the MSI file exists . I think you will have to delete the entries in the registry
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    Eraser creates a lot of big files during unused space erasure

    Such a big disk will take a very long time, use the single pass erase if its a modern drive.
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    Eraser compatibility with Windows XP

    You should download the 5.x versions from sourceforge
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    Task won't cancel. Killed Eraser process, task is still there. Uninstalled/Reinstalled Eraser--task is still there

    Eraser tasks are stored in a file with the extension ersy have a look at this link: created a constant program exception are you able to edit task list?
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    Eraser opens then quits

    This seems like it encounters a locked file - can you read the windows event log for the crash and report what is said
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    Eraser and Windows Explorer

    Cannot repeat this , tried on a fresh Win 10 machine just now . Unfortunatly I don't have Win 7 any more. Have you tried older versions of Eraser?
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    Disable drive erasure

    This could be difficult to do as you can still erase whole directories with file erase. You are warned before proceeding - Why do you see this as insufficient ?
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    Is there a way to suppress erase files confirmation?

    There is a CLI built in you could try In the command window navigate to C:\Program Files\Eraser and run Eraser help to see what is available Have you tried this?
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    Eraser and Windows Explorer

    can you right click on the installer and select run as administrator?
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    How can one pause Eraser while erasing? Automatically go on erasing after hibernation?

    It it was running before hibernation it will carry on after the PC resumes. External drives will be an issue as these have to reconnect so dont rely on this as a guaranteed erasure.