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    eraser completed with errors

    I was trying to wipe the unused c: with just 1 pass. Eraser ran for 2-3 days and gave an output - Completed with errors. I have 138G hard drive out of which ~100G is used up. Surprisingly if I go into c: and add up all the space its only 40G. But thats another topic. Does this mean it finished...
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    How to know if eraser completed task

    I have eraser 5.86.1 installed. I ran it on unused disk. I run it manually. That is I open a new task and just run it (I don't do it via scheduling if you understand what I mean) How do I know if eraser completed its tasks without any error. There doesn't see to be a log file or anything like...
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    error msg: Eraser cannot connect to the running instance for

    Re: error msg: Eraser cannot connect to the running instance I have windows XP and I couldn't find this file. I used the search utility and looked at whole c: drive. Is there any particular location you can point me to.
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    error msg: Eraser cannot connect to the running instance for

    I installed eraser 6.0.7 and had no problem going through it. I see the icon on the desktop etc. I went to the recycle bin to erase data there as a test. And the eraser button was greyed out. So I thought I'll click on eraser icon to do it that way. However, I see this error: "Eraser cannot...
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    eraser running very slow

    I am running eraser on unused disk space (c:). However, it is running very slow >2days already and no sign of ending. Is this normal? I remember it didn't used to take so long before. I have 6.0.6 I presume this is all one needs to run to remove data that has been deleted and wants to remove...
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    imaging hard drives and eraser

    I am a newbie so sorry if this is way off base... So I am transferring some files from hard drive to a USB drive. Then I want to erase the files on my hard driver. I do delete from hard drive. Then I go to recycle bin and do eraser. I also go to my c: and run eraser. I believe this will...