How to know if eraser completed task


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I have eraser 5.86.1 installed.

I ran it on unused disk. I run it manually. That is I open a new task and just run it (I don't do it via scheduling if you understand what I mean)

How do I know if eraser completed its tasks without any error. There doesn't see to be a log file or anything like that. I tried going into file > View Log
and it says "Cannot find the c:\windows\system32\schedlog.txt. Do you want to create a new file?"

All my general preference settings are default.

Note, I cannot upgrade to newer version of eraser due to certain other issues with access to upgrading.
As you may know, version 5 of Eraser is no longer formally supported. The help I can offer is limited, as I don't have Version 5 installed any more.

Erase 5 typically reports its results in a dialog at the end of the erase process, and for your purposes that is probably as reliable as a log. But the best way of checking whether an Erase has worked is to run a file recovery program (such as Recuva) and see if you can recover the target file(s).