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    New Product - NoTrax

    Hah, youre right, good point. I gave it a try, and found it doesnt work with (at least some) sites that demand cookies be set. It also doesnt remember settings, and doesnt have the convenient "shift/click for new window" capability. The main thing that keeps me from using it, though, is the...
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    New Product - NoTrax

    NoTrax is a great idea, and Im off to check it out. I sort of wish I had spent my $20 Eraser contribution on a NoTrax registration instead. [:p]
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    XP boot problem after Eraser crash

    Did you have all other applications (including services) shut down during the free space erasure that crashed? One thing that comes to mind is that another application or driver needed free space, and sent your system to hell when it couldnt find it. Another possibility is that you had MFT...
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    Hiberfil.sys is indeed something of concern. If you use hibernation, then hiberfil.sys will contain an exact copy of whatever was in system memory when you entered the state of hibernation. BCWipe ( claims to be able to wipe hiberfil.sys upon startup. I have never...
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    Dan in Arizona :^) - The Trojan

    Recipe for frustration: Ingredients: Idiot user (1) Poor-performing anti-virus software (1). Instructions: Have the idiot user install the anti-virus software. Do not inform the idiot user that his anti-virus utility is not idiot-proof, perfect, or infallible to false alarms...
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    How do I zero my drive?

    Have you looked at Erasers documentation? It really is quite good. Open the Eraser help file and go to: Using Eraser > How To... > Erasing All Data on Drive
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    Encrypt & Erase Could this be the solution?

    Can you rephrase the question? The grammar throws me off.
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    Trojan Horse in Download from this site

    Instead of just notifying us here, you should also notify Symantec that their product gives a false positive. I have previously downloaded and installed the same copy of Eraser 5.6 that you just did (and I just did an MD5 hash check to verify that they were 100% identical). Neither BOClean...
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    All this talk...

    quote:I agree with all those who say "get enough memory and shut the swap file OFF - its simply not needed.It depends how you use your system! Obviously you dont push yours like I do; I have seen memory use of over 1 GB.
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    Eraser goes out of control!

    I havent tried 5.6 again, but I will, and Ill close bcresident to see if that helps. Im not sure when Ill get around to it, though.
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    Basic, But Important, Questions...

    quote:Originally posted by pcprivacytech I have read of problems with Drivecrypt someplace on this forum and was surprised. If you are using 3.03b there should be no problems at all.What can I say? I was working with a clean install of Windows XP SP-1, and DriveCrypt 3.03b worked terribly. I...
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    Eraser goes out of control!

    Thats good to know, but it leaves me more puzzled than before. You dont have to close any applications to overwrite files; if those files were in use, it wouldnt be possible to overwrite them at all. (You should shut everything down to erase unused disk space, but thats not what I--and I...
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    Eraser goes out of control!

    I installed from the archive named "", but the about box shows "". What other software do you run? Im wondering if we can find a commonality here. I am running (not that all of these could possibly be at fault--in fact, some of them are probably just plain...
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    Eraser goes out of control!

    quote:Originally posted by cantorisIve had the exact same problem since converting my partitions to NTFS a few weeks ago.Does the problem happen with Eraser version Here is where to download that version (click "" then select a mirror)...
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    All this talk...

    ...until your system needs more than 512 MB of memory, at which point you have a whole new set of problems! [:)]