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    Eraser In Context Menu

    after updating it I noticed that now there is no 'Erase On Restart' option. there are some items that when trying to erase say they are in use and I have always selected Erase On Restart but was wondering why that option doesn't show anymore. Please Advise
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    Error message

    Well did it work? I have the same issue just uploaded and ran the the program (it took 5 hrs in default) then I realized I could change the parameters. But I get a''System Volume Information Did Not Have Its Cluster Tips e...'' then it is unreadable from that point on with no further info. So...
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    No Choice of Methods to Use

    Never mind I found it and it looks like this newer model you have to pre-set the method you want to use whereas before it listed them in the window explorer context which by the way I think is the way to go. It was handier to choose on the fly rather than go into to settings each time. And that...
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    No Choice of Methods to Use

    I had Eraser 6 to 8 months ago and in the context window it offered different methods to choose from i.e. single pass 3 pass 7 pass etc etc. I had to replace my MoBo and SSD so all that is gone. After downloading the latest greatest when I click on the context it only offers Erase and Erase on...