No Choice of Methods to Use


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I had Eraser 6 to 8 months ago and in the context window it offered different methods to choose from i.e. single pass 3 pass 7 pass etc etc. I had to replace my MoBo and SSD so all that is gone. After downloading the latest greatest when I click on the context it only offers Erase and Erase on Restart and I have been unable to locate the settings in the program itself to be able to select which method. I prefer a single or three pass method just for time sake. When I locate it in the directory there seems to be no settings adjustment that I am aware of.

To make a long story short where do I locate the Settings??? Thanks.
Never mind I found it and it looks like this newer model you have to pre-set the method you want to use whereas before it listed them in the window explorer context which by the way I think is the way to go. It was handier to choose on the fly rather than go into to settings each time. And that is my two cents worth. (old american saying) :^}